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Extra-Curricular Activities

CBSE is very keen that students gain confidence in a variety of skills besides study of the curriculum. In order to inculcate these co – scholastic skills the school organizes various activities which motivates and celebrates learning in a variety of ways. Students take up activities that are individual at the class level and as a group at the school level. In all, we celebrated five weeks. Students participated in various competitions related to their literary skills, their scientific understanding, their health and eco awareness, life skills and cultural talent. They were awarded prizes for their excellence and given points for their participation.

During their scientific week students brought plants and they have now been nurtured into healthy plants with flowers in front of our school. They also made projects on cell division and scientific toys that impressed everyone particularly our small ones. During literary week students had debates, riddles and joke session and they also created advertisements using quotations.

Eco and health week was a huge celebration with the whole school making salad for lunch on one day and bringing greens for their lunch an another day. Classes I to V also went on a Health March to create awareness. Classes I and II looked colourful and glamorous dressed up completely with vegetables while Classes III – V made very good placards on good health. Senior students made paper bags and did food carving, which was also useful and attractive. Life skill week was celebrated with a mock fire drill and colour full dances, tableaus and street plays based on values.

Talent week brought on stage culture from the South, North, East and West of India each represented by a state. Students made a study of the culture and besides a demonstration they also had dances depicting the festivals of those states. All in all, students learnt a lot while they were also highly motivated. Observations were made and students were awarded grades according to their contributions.