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I. Admission and withdrawal :

Boys and Girls are admitted in all classes.For admission to L.K.G. children should have completed 3 years by 1st April as evidence by their birth certificates . New admissions are granted in March and April. Pupils seeking fresh admissions are examined according to the standard of the class immediately below that to which they seek admission. The decision of the Principal inn this regard will be final. Children who have studied in other schools earlier are admitted only on admission of transfer certificate issued by the school they attended last.


Tuition fee is payable for all 12 months of the year. Fees can be paid on Quarterly, Half yearly or Annual Basis. Advance fee payment for the full year is highly encouraged. The Fees for the month of May will be collected along with that of the month of April.
Fee is received between 9.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. only on all working days.

If fees are not paid on or before the 10th of every month , a fine of Rs.10/- will be collected . After 20th, a fine of Rs 20/- shall be collected. If Fee is not paid before the end of the month it has to paid with a fine of Rs. 100/- (Hundred only per month). In the case of an RBI parent who has more than 2 children, one child in the lowest class is eligible fo half fee concession (i.e., Tuition fee only). Pupils who are admitted or withdrawn in the middle of the term have to pay the fees due for the particular term in full.

Transfer Certificat will be issued only to those pupils who have no dues to the school, on payment of Rs. 200/- as transfer certificate fee.

Application for TC Should reach the school latest by the 4th of March . Parents who apply for the TC later will have to pay the First term fees for the next academic year. TC application is also availablein the diary. Cancellation of TC will NOT be entertained once applied for.


It is compulsory for every child to come to school in full uniform on all working days and all school functions.


Pupils should be in the school at least Five minutes before the first bell and attend the Morning Prayer and assembly. Late comers should bring a letter of excuse or be accompanied by the Parents / Guardians. Action will be taken against habitual late-comers. Pupils are expected to be clean and tidy in their personal dress, books and belongings. They shall also keep the class rooms and the school premises neat and tidy.

  • Pupils are responsible for the cutody of their books and belongings. They are advised not to bring any valuable articles to the school.
  • All pupils are expected to spaek English in school at all times. No Pupil will be excused from attending physical education classes and games without a valid reasons.
  • No Pupil shall stay away from the school except for specific reasons for which leave should be obtained previously in writing.
  • Private Tution is not encouraged.


First Term - June to October
Second Term – November to February.
In all matters relating to promotions, the Academic Council constituted by the School Management shall be the deciding authority. The Academic Council shall include besides the Advisers,the Principal who is its Ex-+officio Convenor and a few members of the teaching staff.


Progress Reports will be issued once every term which should be returned duly signed. Parents should see that their children make special efforts to study those subjects in which they are weak.

Remedial Classes : Students who are required to attend remedial classes will not be excused unless the school is satisfied with the reasons furnished for exemptionfrom the same.


Medical Inspection of the Pupils will be conducted once a year and reports of children who require special attention will sent to the parents, along with the advice of th Medical Officer.


  1. Only one book will be issued at a time.
  2. Stucents should return the book within a week. Fine will be collected from defaulters.
  3. Students should not scribble upon or damage any book issued to them.
  4. For any loss of books, the students should replace it within 10 days.