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Guidelines For Students

You are judged by your behaviour. While politeness and good manners make a favourable impression,rudeness and rashness make a bad one. If you behave badly in public, you not only let yourself down but also your parents, your teachers and your school. By your controlled speech and actions you can build your character. You can cultivate good habits by constant practice. Only then, it can be truly said that you are well educated. The following points will help you in your efforts for good conduct.

  1. You should stand up when visitors enter the class room and remain so unless or until told to sit . You should stand up again  when the visitors leaves.
  2. If u wish to enter the classroom when the teacher is inside, you should wait till you are permitted to enter.
  3. Always take turns while talking to your teacher in th class.
  4. You should greet elders with both hands ( Vannakum) or with the right hand (Salute). While greting it is better to say “ Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, “Good Evening”, etc.
  5.  If you happen to pass close in front of somebody always say “excuse me,please”.
  6. When speaking to elders address a lady as “Madam” and a gentleman as “Sir”.
  7. If you did not hear properly what was said to you , always say " I beg your pardon”.
  8. Begin a request with” Please” and say “Thank you” for any service done to you.
  9. If you must cough or sneeze in public, do it quitely into a handkerchief.
  10. Always help the old and needy.